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EDM producer and vocalist ZHIKO (also known as SOHBEK) released his first single under the pseudonym ZHIKO with American EDM duo VAVO.

Their release of ‘Anything for You’ hit the billboard dance top 100 and was supported by acts such as Chain Smokers.

In just under a year the track reached over 6 million streams including being remixed by Australian EDM duo feenixpawl.

That year he released two singles with Ultra Records alongside French producer Antoine Cara. Later that year ZHIKO released his single 'Just Like Magic' alongside Thomas Gold and Nipri.

In 2021 he teamed up with VAVO again to release their biggest hit to date’ Day N’ Night which also premiered on Sirius XM’s BPM.
In just over 6 months Day n Night reached over 10 Millions streams and landed them the cover of Mint on Spotify.
Originally released with Kess Records,The track was then picked up by Sony B1 /Columbia.

In addition, ZHIKO has been on numerous releases including releases on Lithuania HQ, Columbia, Tough Stuff, Soave, 2 Dutch, Universal and many more,  racking up a whopping 30 Million streams in just under 2 years.

ZHIKO has huge collaborations coming up for 2021 and will no doubt continue in his rise in the music industry!

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